Anglican Priests.

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Priests are called to be servants and shepherds among the people to whom they are sent. Read more

Letter about Ordination from Most. Rev. Barry Morgan, Archbishop of Wales

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Pic Andrew James 05 04 07The Archbishop of Wales the Most Rev Dr Barry Morgan

As someone going through the vocation/selection/ordination process, the letter is encouraging…kind of. Though what is said on paper and what is done in practice need to match up. Too often the Church says it wants more clergy, yet what it does about that remains an entirely different matter. Read more

Beerment: Officials in Amsterdam pay homeless alcoholics with BEER to clean the streets

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Get this… officials in Amsterdam are paying alcoholic homeless people with beer for cleaning the streets.

Officials in Amsterdam have come up with a novel way of tackling anti-social behaviour, by paying alcoholics beer to clean the streets. Groups of homeless participants in the Dutch capital are given five cans of lager a day before they start work. They are allowed to drink two cans before their shift begins, two at lunch and then another in the evening. Working up to three days a week; each person also receives €10 (£8.40) a shift, plus a half-packet of rolling tobacco. The pragmatic project, which is funded by the Dutch state and through donations, is the brainchild of the Rainbow Foundation. Gerrie Holterman, who heads the group, said the work keeps the group busy and means they drink less. Read more

Updates to DeanRoberts.Net

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Dear Readers,

After a long time of on-off blogging (mostly off), I already announced on the blog that I am starting to resume regular writing and blogging. I need your help in letting me know what you want me to blog about… but I will be blogging about theology and news still, but also writing about my personal progress too and everything that there is to share about that.

Apart from me getting back into shape and writing more, I feel that it’s time for the blog to have another overhaul… Read more

What is God saying?

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-cp_whatisgodsaying_071213_898629912I’ve said time and time again that I’m starting to blog again, only to find that a few posts later, I’ve gone quiet. I don’t know why that’s been happening, but I still have a passion for blogging and writing; I still want to use my time to write. So why have I been silent on my blog?

I think it’s cos I’ve had nothing to say. In person, I have a lot to say generally – partly a good thing, and partly a bad thing might I add! But I’ve felt like I’ve dried up over the year in terms of blogging. Though I feel, after a bit of prayer and also something that spoke to me through someone else, that my blogging will resume. I don’t think I’ll be blogging as often as I used to; at least to start with.

I’m also considering redoing the blog to give it a fresh look. Though I’m not sure about that one yet. I think I’ll still be blogging on current events and theology, but I’m hoping to be more personal too.

Can I ask that you pray for me (if you’re a praying person) that I really get stuck in. I want to get into this cos I’m passionate about it, but I think things have come in my way over the last year that have stopped me from speaking out with my digital, online voice.

Thanks for your continued support… praying that like a phoenix out of the ashes, this blog will be revived with a new lease of life!


The Church is the Hope of the Nations

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EvaluatingTheLocalChurch600This needs explaining. The Church is the Hope of the world… the nations. A Church that is standing on the authority of Jesus and ministering in the power of the Spirit gets the seal of approval from Jesus. Really speaking, Jesus is the hope of our world; the hope of the nations. But what’s great about that is that Jesus chooses the Church to bring that hope into the world. I don’t want to limit God and say that he needs the Church, or that He can only work through the Church, because that wouldn’t be true. Instead, (and I think this is much better news and such an amazing prospect) Jesus wants us involved. Read more

Claiming Truths for our Hearts from His Heart

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The Summer Holidays are nearly over, and therefore I return from my blogging vacation. DeanRoberts.Net is back and active and I guess as it’s the first day back from my time at Momentum, I want to make myself aware that I don’t travel back to real every day life unequipped, powerless, or forgotten. Christ in me the hope of Glory is what I’ve been thinking about. Read more

Book Review: Living Faithfully by John Pritchard @SPCKPublishing

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Living Faithfully Living Faithfully by
Published by on April 2013
Pages: 192

The faith we proclaim on Sunday is just as relevant to the rest of the week. However, too often the teaching and support that church life offers us can seem aimed at deepening our personal commitment to Christ and our involvement in church activities, rather than enabling us to live out our faith at work and in the world.

We need to close the gap between sacred and secular, and that’s what this book aims to help us do. Each chapter identifies an issue, explores how we might respond and encourages us – through practical ideas, stories, humour, quotes, Scripture, questions and prayer – to seek to make a difference.

Living Faithfully is equally suitable for individual and group use.

Yet another book from SPCK that I thoroughly enjoyed. Yes, this book is really about being a Christian Monday to Saturday. It’s challenging, direct, readable and thought provoking. Read more

The Google god; how the world isn’t that secular.

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GoogleLegoI don’t know whether you’re aware or not, but there is a group of people who worship Google. They even have an online church. They have a set of beliefs. They have a doctrinal statement. Their religion is Googlism. You can have a look at their website by clicking here. It’s a very interesting phenomenon, because it opens up a new way of looking at faith and trust. Or, at least, it shows us that faith as a concept isn’t dead as far as religious faith is concerned. Whether I think they’re putting their faith in something worthwhile is a different story, of course! Read more

Are we really free? Thinking about GCHQ and Privacy.

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I remember once sitting in a lecture/discussion about whether we are totally free or not. What is freedom? How is it ensured in society? This last week’s events concerning privacy breaches through the GCHQ/NSA program have highlighted some of our deepest convictions about true freedom and privacy (Read the full story here). Whether the allegations are true or not about these government authorities gaining access to our web data remains to be seen. But it does force us to question how we view freedom and how we balance the priority of freedom with the priority of security. Read more

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