Harold Camping sets new date for the Apocalypse

We’re off… well, not until October 21st. Harold Camping revealed last night that he was out by five months. Rather than the rapture happening on May 21st, it will now happen in October, along with the apocalypse.

This statement came after Harold Camping mistakenly thought that rapture would occur just three days ago.

This man has balls doesn’t he? Maybe this time it will be a case of being third time lucky, and part of me hopes so, because I wish this craziness would stop! I mean, the world could end on October 21st, but… probably not. Again, I exhort all my readers to understand that the Bible makes it clear that nobody has, does or will know the date of the end of the world.

I just hope that Camping isn’t in the news from now til post October. It will drive me, and probably the rest of the balanced minded people out there over the edge.

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Dean Roberts

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  • What does this man not get about noone knowing the hour of Christ’s return?????? I bet God had actually got Himself all geared up for it, then along comes Camping, ruining the surprise so He has to get another date sorted. Honestly Pastor, just shut up! If it comes it comes. Just make sure you’re not caught out with no oil left for your lamp…