The raising of the genderless baby

I can’t believe that I haven’t written about this sooner! A Toronto couple are the talk of Canada after they have decided to keep their infant’s sex a secret in order to allow the child to develop his or her own gender identity.

Kathy Witterick and David Stocker have been widely accused of imposing their ideology on four-month-old Storm, which is all about leaving gender sexuality absent from the child, and to let ‘it’ work out whether ‘it’ is a he or a she.

The Toronto Star newspaper have recently commented on the setup and have created a profile for the couple.

Ms Witterick has supposedly written in an email that the idea that “…the whole world must know what is between the baby’s legs is unhealthy, unsafe, and voyeuristic”.

Ms Witterick and Mr Stocker have two sons Jazz, five, and Kio, two, and their raising of them has also been questioned by critics. The boys are encouraged to choose their own clothing and hairstyles, including girls clothes if they choose and are especially encouraged to challenge gender norms. Jazz wears his hair in long braids, and the boys are “almost exclusively assumed to be girls,” Mr Stocker said.

The child’s grandparents do not know Storm’s sex, the Toronto Star reported, and have grown weary of explaining the situation, but are supportive.

In an e-mail to the Associated Press news agency, Ms Witterick said it is inappropriate to impose a gender identity on the child.

Are these people living on a different planet? It is people like these who cause a myriad of problems for individuals. The last time this happened, it all ended in a tragic suicide by the child because of the confusion that this ideology caused.

These people need to be sent to parenting classes at the bare minimum, if not, have their children taken off them. To brand a child genderless is a very dangerous decision to make.  The fact is that the child DOES have a gender. It is either male or female. I’m sorry if I sound unsympathetic, but it is this sort of ideology that creates unneeded grey areas which provoke friction, and plunge individuals into very unhealthy, unhelpful confusion.

Dean Roberts

Dean is a Minister in the Anglican Church. Currently he is Curate in the parishes of Bedwas, Machen, Michaelston-y-Fedw and Rudry in South Wales. He was born and bred in Wales, is married to Megan, and has two dogs called Taliesin and Melyn, and two cats named Sinsir and Hâf. He graduated from Cardiff University with a BA Hons. in Theology & Religious Studies, and has studied for an MA in Theology, Ministry & Mission at Trinity College Bristol. He also holds a Cert.RSCM from the Royal School of Church Music. He loves playing music, walking, reading, blogging and horse riding as well as going to the cinema and theatre. Read More @

  • jay

    All I can say Is the people that need help the most are the parents , its not too late to fix the mentality of the kids I think . But wow am just shocked that parents like that exist in this planet lol

  • Just for the sake of debate (you did ask!) I’d like to point out that the parents here aren’t placing a gender on their child – they’re letting them choose for themself. The parents in the case you mentioned were doing the precise opposite by raising the baby as a girl (for really stupid reasons too – all the more stupid because it ended so tragically and encouraged the hubris of a really stupid academic. Anyone with a brain who’s genuinely interested in these sort of theories would know there is a difference between sex and gender. Gender is the role assigned to one by society according to one’s sex. Anyone who really thinks sex is a construct of society is not only ignoring the wealth of trans experience but is also an eejit, quite frankly).

    OTOH, the parents in this case used the words sex and gender interchangeably which I somehow doubt was a slip of the tongue.

    I’m actually more against this than I sound, and for slightly different reasons than you are. To me this just reeks of the misappropriation of theory into reality which is dangerous enough in physics, yet alone in the case of raising another human being.