Big Read 2012: Week 5: Signposts @BigBible #BigRead12

This week at Small Group we were onto week 5 of the Big Read 2012 – signposts. The passage we were asked to look at was Mark 10: 46 – 52; 11: 12 – 25 – the first is the story of blind Bartimaeus and the second is the story of the fig tree and the temple.


Bartimaeus was a man of faith, he knew who Jesus was – “Son of David, have mercy on me” – and he was prepared to ask of Jesus something he knew Jesus could do. We chatted about Bartimaeus as an example of faith and what we could learn from it, but it was the story of the Fig Tree that gripped our attention.

In Mark 11 Jesus walks up to a fig tree, seeing that it was in leaf, and inspects it to see if there is any fruit. The passage says that it was not in fruit as it was not in season – Jesus curses the tree. When Jesus and the disciples come back out of the temple they find the tree withered to the roots. But what does this mean and how do we apply it to ourselves?

We chatted about the fig tree and how even when not in season, a fig tree usually has buds ready to spring into life. If the fig tree represents us as believers, we should be budding – we shall be known by the fruit we produce. Jesus saw that the fig tree should have been beginning to bear fruit and it was not, so He cursed it. We also should be bearing fruit. We need to be ready for that day when Jesus passes by and inspects our branches!!

What do you make of the story of the fig tree?

Megan Paull

Megan is a qualified Adult Nurse and has a passion for others' wellbeing and care. She enjoys reading, getting involved with church activities and pub quizzes! She has worked in the Church as a youth worker and currently leads a small group at her current church, St Paul's City Centre Church in Newport, South Wales. Her favourite Bible verse is 1 John 3:16 - "This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers."