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So, I’ve been asked by Joining the Dots Distribution if I could start reviewing some books, CDs and other things for them. You may know that I already review books for SPCK which I thoroughly enjoy, and there will be more of those reviews on the way soon. If you haven’t checked out my review of “The Voice” yet, distributed by Joining the Dots, then please click here to read the review.

But today, I am concerned with this CD given to me by Joining the Dots Distribution, titled Everlasting: Meet The Maker by ID Music, Calvary Church, a thriving church in the West Midlands.

Here is a blurb about the CD direct from the publisher:

‘Everlasting – Meet The Maker’ is the culmination of 18 months hard work of seeking, writing and rehearsing. Pete Wright (Calvary Church UK) says, ‘As a young worship team we have worked hard to craft new worship material that reflected the raw heart and sounds of our regular worship experience. We wanted to craft scripture-filled, relevant worship that meant if our young people had a hard time getting into the word, the word had an easy time getting into their hearts via catchy tunes and anthem like choruses. Our vision is to draw people into a greater sense of God’s presence and power. We’d love to further inspire and instigate uncompromising, passionate worship!’

Here is a promotion video just outlining the mission and purpose of the CD:

I thoroughly enjoyed this CD. The style of music is very much that of Hillsong, Jesus Culture and Bethel, which seems to be very popular in the Christian community at the moment. The sheer professionalism of the musicians and the standard to which the music is recorded is absolutely outstanding. We must also remember that the guys who wrote and played the songs are a church, and so it makes the CD even more of a treasure. A great deal of effort has gone into the making of this CD, and it shows in the final product.

Another thing which I loved about the CD is that there aren’t covers and the lyrics are original. More than that, the lyrics are Biblical and Theological too; something which modern and contemporary worship songs don’t seem to have on occasion. Whilst there are more reflective songs in the lineup on this CD, there are some which are full of Biblical truth and you can say to yourself, “Ah, yes, that’s such and such a book, chapter whatever and verse blah blah blah”, which is great.

I also thought that the voices are quite unique and special. There’s a certain sound in some of the singers’ voices that makes your ears prick up. You can also tell that there is genuine worship in this CD. Some CDs often feel as though they’ve been performed. The problem with performed CDs sometimes is that the people listening want to be drawn into worship, but feel that there’s an obstruction; at least, that is the problem with me at times. BUT, Everlasting: Meet the Maker encourages and ushers the listener into the presence of God.

I don’t think these tracks could be sung in many churches, just because of the nature and style of the music, but the CD is great for personal and maybe small group worship.

Some of my favourite tracks were: Glory of your name, Undefined, Rain Down and I’m Yours.

I encourage you to buy this CD and have a listen. You can buy the CD direct either as:

  • A physical CD from Joining the Dots by clicking here (this link also includes a sales sheet and more track information)
  • MP3 Download from iTunes by clicking here

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