Book Review: “Does this Dress make me look Fat?”

Book Review: “Does this Dress make me look Fat?”Does this dress make me look fat? : A Man's Guide to the Loaded Questions Women Ask by David Thomas, Stephen James
Published by Tyndale on 2007
Genres: Christian Life, Relationships
Pages: 146
Format: Paperback
Source: Books received as a gift
Here is the thing about questions: they expose more about the inquirer than they do about the one being queried. If you pay attention, the questions a woman asks will point directly to some of her deepest longings and also reveal some of what she desires most from a man. With this book as a guide, we hope that men and women can move beyond the question of “Why are women the way they are?” to see the authentic heart of a woman. A companion book to “Yup.” “Nope.” “Maybe.” the book for women. Contains a group study guide.

Chapter headings:

  • Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat?
  • Do You Notice Anything Different about the House?
  • Do You Think That Woman Is Pretty?
  • What Are You Thinking About?
  • Am I Like My Mother?
  • Are You As Happy As I Am?
  • Is There Anything You Don't Like About Me?
  • Conclusion: You don't have to get me anything for Christmas
  • Discussion Guide


This book is a great read for any men who are wondering about what a women is really asking when they ask difficult questions. I was a bit dubious about this book initially, as it seems a bit ironic that two Christian men would be writing a book on women and what they’re really thinking when they ask certain questions… but I was wrong.

The book is humorous, easily readable, practical and explanatory. I really enjoyed reading it as a light but deeply helpful book on maintaining a good relationship with one’s spouse. Of course, this book is aimed at men but women may want to read it too, though I doubt they’d get the same benefit from it.

The book is separated into seven chapters each focussing on a different question and how we initially interpret it, and how we can interpret it. The book is peppered with anecdotal nuances and helpful practical tips along the way. Being a Christian book, it also has application related to biblical narrative and explanation as well, which is great. A bonus is that it’s not written in a complicated way.

I also enjoyed the way the authors expertise in their academic field fed into the book; counselling, therapy and psychological study. It was interesting to gain insight into the way the mind works, with helpful resource links to studies to back up what the authors were saying (though this is completely optional, of course).

Each chapter ended with a concise conclusion of helpful tips and advice. I would say here that the general gist of the conclusions was pretty similar, so one got the idea of what was coming by chapter three, but nonetheless, some things need repeating!

I’d recommend this book to any man in a relationship, and especially newly weds like me!


Dean Roberts

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