The Church is the Hope of the Nations

EvaluatingTheLocalChurch600This needs explaining. The Church is the Hope of the world… the nations. A Church that is standing on the authority of Jesus and ministering in the power of the Spirit gets the seal of approval from Jesus. Really speaking, Jesus is the hope of our world; the hope of the nations. But what’s great about that is that Jesus chooses the Church to bring that hope into the world. I don’t want to limit God and say that he needs the Church, or that He can only work through the Church, because that wouldn’t be true. Instead, (and I think this is much better news and such an amazing prospect) Jesus wants us involved.

One of the things that struck me over the last week is that there is no “I” in following Jesus. It’s always about “us”. And to be honest, who would want to do it on their own anyway? I’ve been singing a song recently and have been thinking about the words. The prayer is one of such magnitude and desparation that I can’t help but question sometimes whether I mean any of it or not. Lord I pray that you would make the words real to me.

I’m laying down my life
I’m giving up control
I’m never looking back
I surrender all
I’m living for Your glory on the earth

This passion in my heart
This stirring in my soul
To see the nations bow
For all the world to know
I’m living for Your glory on the earth

For the sake of the world burn like a fire in me
Light a flame in my soul for every eye to see
For the sake of the world burn like a fire in me

For every knee to bow down
For every heart to believe
For every voice to cry out
Burn like a fire in me
For every tongue to confess
You alone are the King
You are the hope of the earth
Burn like a fire in me

For the Sake of the World

Brian Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, Joel Taylor

Dean Roberts

Dean is a Minister in the Anglican Church. Currently he is Curate in the parishes of Bedwas, Machen, Michaelston-y-Fedw and Rudry in South Wales. He was born and bred in Wales, is married to Megan, and has two dogs called Taliesin and Melyn, and two cats named Sinsir and Hâf. He graduated from Cardiff University with a BA Hons. in Theology & Religious Studies, and has studied for an MA in Theology, Ministry & Mission at Trinity College Bristol. He also holds a Cert.RSCM from the Royal School of Church Music. He loves playing music, walking, reading, blogging and horse riding as well as going to the cinema and theatre. Read More @