A personal statement prior to business of the Church in Wales’ Governing body for the benefit of general public and media who may wish to interview me in the coming days:

At the September session of the Governing Body of the Church in Wales, its members will listen to a presentation by the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church on the process by which they made it possible for same sex marriages to be solemnised in that province. I raised a question to the bishops asking them to explain why there hasn’t been an alternative speaker invited alongside the Primus to give a different point of view.

The Anglican Communion (which consists of approximately 85 million Christians worldwide) differs in conviction on the subject of same sex marriages, but with most provinces still understanding marriage as between one man and one woman. Based on our 2017 Easter communicant numbers, the largest attendance figure during that year, The Church in Wales makes up 0.057% of the communion, being quite a small province amongst 44 other provinces/extra provincials around the globe.

Everyone in the Church in Wales agrees that all must feel welcome to be a part of a church community, but there is difference of opinion on what that inclusion looks like in theology and practice. Therefore, I, along with a good number of others feel it is important that we are given a fair and balanced presentation in order to facilitate properly informed discussion.

Any or no change will have big consequences for the Church in Wales; we need to be absolutely certain that we uphold a healthy balance of maintaining scriptural authority, honouring the place of the Church’s 2000 year tradition in regard to the doctrine of marriage, and of course committing to the pastoral care of every human being who finds themselves connected with the Church in Wales, no matter how fragile or tenuous that connection may be.