Beerment: Officials in Amsterdam pay homeless alcoholics with BEER to clean the streets

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Get this… officials in Amsterdam are paying alcoholic homeless people with beer for cleaning the streets.

Officials in Amsterdam have come up with a novel way of tackling anti-social behaviour, by paying alcoholics beer to clean the streets. Groups of homeless participants in the Dutch capital are given five cans of lager a day before they start work. They are allowed to drink two cans before their shift begins, two at lunch and then another in the evening. Working up to three days a week; each person also receives €10 (£8.40) a shift, plus a half-packet of rolling tobacco. The pragmatic project, which is funded by the Dutch state and through donations, is the brainchild of the Rainbow Foundation. Gerrie Holterman, who heads the group, said the work keeps the group busy and means they drink less. Read more

Are we really free? Thinking about GCHQ and Privacy.

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I remember once sitting in a lecture/discussion about whether we are totally free or not. What is freedom? How is it ensured in society? This last week’s events concerning privacy breaches through the GCHQ/NSA program have highlighted some of our deepest convictions about true freedom and privacy (Read the full story here). Whether the allegations are true or not about these government authorities gaining access to our web data remains to be seen. But it does force us to question how we view freedom and how we balance the priority of freedom with the priority of security. Read more

My reflection on the ousting of the Dean of Llandaff Cathedral

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_66124450_janethendersonIt becomes quite something when the news reports of a Dean resigning because of attacks on her gender. I’m genuinely concerned for the Church in Wales if the rumours are true: Read more

A fantasy about the the reality of Pornography. Should Children be taught that it isn’t all that bad?

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Something I was shocked by in the news this week was an article that reported on “experts” who said that children should be advised that not all porn is bad, and that actually it can be fun and rewarding. They advised that schools should teach this, using the resource of a website called “” Read more

Vicars “hide” from their congregations (BBC News)

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The BBC reported yesterday that a recent study has shown that Church of England vicars sometimes hide from callers/parishioners to their Vicarage in order to take a rest from the pressures and strains of pastoral works and church life. Read more

The problem that consumes nurses.

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NHS-nurse-002There’s a lot of news about nurses around at the moment. How they’re not well trained, how they don’t do the job properly, how they don’t care for their patients, how they are slow, how they don’t give much time to their patients, how they abuse people, how they’re rude. And now, Jeremy Hunt has decided to make sure that this doesn’t happen by introducing an extra year of basic training for nurses. Read more

Hey, I was baptized, and this is crazy, But God just called me, so ordain a lady!

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Well, those in the Catholic Church who wish for women to be ordained are stepping out in faith as they campaign to get the go ahead for women to be priested. Absolutely hilarious! Obviously, I’m for women in leadership, but this video… well… have a see for yourself!

Young people cannot cope with life

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Not my words, but words of a study undertaken by the Prince’s Trust. Here’s what an article on said Read more

New Year Religion

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Happy New Year!

OK, I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really do or celebrate new year. And there’s loads of reasons for that. I mean, my reason to celebrate, being a Christian, is Christmas. For me, New Year is a massive anticlimax. For me, it reeks of people prolonging the Christmas holidays and some misled wishful thinking that 2013 is going to be “the year for me”, so to speak. Only that in 12 months time, that hasn’t happened and 2014 simply has to be the year. And then 2015 and so on and so on. Read more

Alpha for Iranians

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It’s crazy to think that the church that I worship at and work for, despite it’s size (less than 100 people), has a ministry to Iranians! But we do, and that’s where I was this evening; at Iranian Alpha Read more