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Beer, Blessing, Belief, and Being.

Last Saturday (30th June 2018), in the scorching sun, and donned in my cassock, surplice and stole, I blessed the beer, the public house and the villagers of Michaelston-y-Fedw in what has become a revived tradition which dates back to Medieval times. Many moons ago, Monks, after brewing their ale, would cart it off to the taverns and once it had arrived, they would bless it before the masses came to consume it. As time went on, this tradition died out but last year I discovered why we need to bring it back.Read more

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Reflections on Rural Church Growth

Over the years, before, during and after my ordination, I’ve had the privilege of serving in both urban and rural church settings. Currently, I find myself in a mixed bag of churches, grouped together which range from a suburban parish right through to rural settings. One of these parishes is the church of St. James the Great, Rudry. This post aims to reflect and comment, just a little, on this particular church, as it’s growing.Read more