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Governing Body: Admittance of Children to Holy Communion

The Governing Body of the Church in Wales met on the 11th and 12th of April. After a little hiatus due to the fact that I crossed over the threshold from the world of laity to the world of clergy (which prevented me sitting in my appointed role on Governing Body as a lay person), I was back. The overall consensus was that the agenda for this meeting was thin and that proceedings were generally uneventful. The lack of engagement at the podium was testimony to this. There were a few exceptions, notably a presentation from Darren Millar AM on the Church in the Public Square. But the reason it’s taken me the last few weeks to calm down is because of the debate everyone had been waiting for: the Admittance of Children to Holy Communion.

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Church in Wales

Same Sex Marriage and the Church in Wales

Following on a debate on Same Sex Marriage at the Governing Body (Synod) of the Church in Wales in April 2014, it was announced by the Bench of Bishops that a provincial wide consultation at diocesan level was to be organised to see what the Church in Wales as a whole thinks about Same Sex Marriage.Read more

Church in Wales

After the Governing Body of the Church in Wales: Some thoughts.

Last week I attended the ordinary meeting of the Governing Body of the Church in Wales. This is basically the Welsh equivalent of the General Synod of the Church of England. I am a co-opted member of Governing Body (meaning that I’m not voted on) and represent my diocese (Monmouth) as well as being a voice for the younger members of the Church in Wales.Read more